A new live album from the group that brought you "The Reckoning". Recorded live in Iowa City and Des Moines, Iowa in April of 2017, the groups captures the fire and energy created in live performance on their new album "Live in Iowa". Personnel: Damani Phillips - alto sax/scat vocals, Greg Gisbert - trumpet, Pat Bianchi - Hammond Organ, Lewis Nash - drums. To my knowledge, the only jazz album recorded live in Iowa that is intended for national release.

Release Date: January 19, 2018
Available NOW at:
Available on ITines, Tidal, Rhapsody, Amazon Streaming shortly after release

Book: What Is This Thing Called Soul - Conversations on Black Culture and Jazz Education

Pleased to announce the publication of my first book! Available for pre-order and purchase at the link below.

Book Synopsis

How does academic jazz education impact the Black cultural value of soulfulness and esthetic standards in contemporary jazz music? Through candid conversations with nine of the country\'s most highly respected jazz practitioners and teachers, What Is This Thing Called Soul explores the potential consequences of forcing the Black musical style of jazz into an academic pedagogical system that is specifically designed to facilitate the practice and pedagogy of European classical music. This work tests the belief that the cultural, emotional and esthetic elements at the very core of jazz\'s unique identity, along with the music\'s overt connection to Black culture, are effectively being \"lost in translation\" in traversing the divide between academic and non-academic jazz spheres.

Each interviewee commands significant respect worldwide in the fields of jazz performance and jazz pedagogy. Noteworthy subjects include: Rufus Reid, Lewis Nash, Nicholas Payton and Wycliffe Gordon--along with the late jazz masters Marcus Belgrave and Phil Woods. Interviews are supplemented by original analysis of the nature and validity of these issues contributed by the author.

What Is This Thing Called Soul offers a candid and objective look into pressing issues of race, culture and ethnic value in relation to both jazz music and jazz education. Sensitivity, marginalization and even a fear of offending others has limited open discussion of how the soul of jazz music can be lost in technical boundaries. What Is This Thing Called Soul is the first attempt to directly address such culturally urgent issues in jazz music.

Damani Phillips - Duality (double album)

4th album as a bandleader.

Duality is a double album:
Disk 1: The Jazz Club feature straight-ahead jazz
Disk 2: Mixtape features jazz on equal footing with hip hop

Released date: August 1st, 2015
Available at, Itunes, Amazon, Rhapsondy. Sorry, no Spotify for this project....let's just call it a silent protest...

Northwest + 1 - Minor Suggestions

Northwest + 1's new album "Minor Suggestions"

Kevin Woods - Trumpet
Damani Phillips - Saxophone
Danny McCollim - Piano
Jon Hamar - Bass
Julian MacDonnough - Drums

Alan Tormey's "Theories of Place" on New Focus Recordings, 2013

My debut recording in the classical genre on Alan Tormey's album Theories of Place. I appear on his composition "Downward Dogs"

The Reckoning, 2012 - Damani Phillips Music

3rd album as a bandleader.

Featuring: Greg Gisbert - trumpet, Pat Bianchi - Hammond Organ and Lewis Nash - drums.

The String Theory, 2012 - Damani Phillips Music

2nd Album as a bandleader.

Featuring Ben Markley - piano, Mark Simon - bass, Ryan Hayden - drums, Ross Snyder - violin I, Kahyee Lee - violin II, Andrew Krimm - viola and Kimberley Patterson - cello.

Congrats to Ross and Kim on winning the 2012 Fischoff Chamber Music Competition!!

Yaktown Nights, 2004 Six Deep Records

1st album as a bandleader

Featuring Mike Jellick - piano, Takashi Iio - bass, Adam james - drums and beat production by RBC (Thurman Bolden)

In My Mind, Quincy Stewart - 2011

Guest appearance with Pontiac's finest trumpeter/vocalist on track "Goodbye".

Kid Akimbo, Brazilliant 2011

Guest appearance on the track "Billie Jean"

Black out the Blue by Roxi Copeland 2010