Click to Purchase "Duality" (Released August 1st, 2015)

The new album "Duality" is a double disc project - one disc of various flavors of straight-ahead jazz and one disc of jazz on equal footing with hip hop. Designed specifically to attract young listeners who traditionally overlook jazz as viable music style, but at the same time, hoping to broaden everyone's horizons to a new take on jazz music. Check out the teaser at:

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Click to purchase "The Reckoning"

"The Reckoning" is available now!! Featuring New York's finest Greg Gisbert on trumpet, Pat Bianchi on Hammond B3 Organ and Lewis Nash on drums.

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The brand new CD "Minor Suggestions" from the newly formed group Northwest + 1 - Available now!!

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Purchase my second album "The String Theory" from 2010 - featuring the use of jazz quartet plus string quartet.

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Purchase my first album "Yaktown Nights" from way back in 2003